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MEND At Field Temple
Come enjoy musical performances by
Joseph Dugan
Thomas Hiliker
Maura O'Meallie

and More!
This will be the last chance to see Joseph perform be for he leaves on his expedition to the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) to record the sounds of Antarctic animals. Let's celebrate the success of this project and send him off with love!

5pm $15
Field Temple is located at
5333 Elmwood St, Detroit, MI 48211

Ticket sales go towards expedition expenses.

Can't make it to the concert but still want to contribute?

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What is MEND?

MEND was started by Joseph Dugan in 2021. Over the last year he has compiled a small team to work on a project that finds itself at the intersection between multiple artistic disciplines and multiple fields of study.


MEND is a composers catalog of Antarctic animal vocalizations and translations of them into musical language.

Mending the Muse Podcast

Join Joseph Dugan as he speaks with musicians artists and more, whose practices and traditions are informed by nature. Rediscover how "separate" is just a state of mind.

Upcoming Guests:

Bryce Robinson

Bird Illustrator and Researcher

Cornell Ornithology

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