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What is MEND?

MEND was started by Joseph Dugan in 2021. Over the last year he has compiled a small team to work on a project that finds itself at the intersection between multiple artistic disciplines and multiple fields of study.


MEND is a composers catalog of Antarctic animal vocalizations and translations of them into musical language.

Mending the Muse Podcast

Join Joseph Dugan as he speaks with musicians artists and more, whose practices and traditions are informed by nature. Rediscover how "separate" is just a state of mind.

Recent Episodes episodes featuring:

Anthony Brass, Based out of Ferndale, MI

  Visual Artist, known for his surreal paintings and the way he weaves nature together on wood.

Gamin, Based out of California,

Traditional and Contemporary Korean

Woodwind Performer and Composer.

Enda Riley, Irish Folk singer currently Living in Plymouth, MI. Known for his enchanting songwriting and songs of climate change series he did in schools.

Adina Izarra, Venezuelan Composer based out of Ecuador

Composing with Live Electronics and known for her work in zoomusicology.

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